Cleo Madison Style Shoot

I was thrilled to partner with Cleo Madison for this post! Cleo Madison is a modest clothing boutique that values having your style and personality steal the show —all without skimping on bold patterns like plaid, stripes and florals.

I was sent The Cassidy Peplum Top in Wineturned dress since I’m 4’9 – to style for a shoot. Because there’s nothing to “watch out for” with Cleo Madison, in the sense of clothing being too short, too tight or too low, creating multiple looks was a breeze!

The only thing I love more than effortless style is not breaking the bank to have it. This little number is under $20! Plus, you can use the code Mascara15 for 15% off this item or anything else you find while shopping online.


Quick clothing tip/hack: When shopping modest clothing lines you might find the waistline just a little too wide for your body type or preference. Simply add a belt to help gather the material at the seam for more shape and style.

The material was super soft and cozy, but thin enough to allow me to layer without being overheated. What I really enjoyed about this top, and other items in the store, is the neutrality to change character – meaning a quick jacket or accessory swap completely alters the look and feel (you can find my favorite accessories at the bottom of this post).

The top went from edgy to easy-going with just minimal tweaks.


For fashion-fanatics, Cleo Madison is the perfect place to play on a budget by stocking up patterns to mix and skirts to layer.  It also serves as a go-to for zero-risk shopping when looking for something “appropriate” for an event or meeting.

Don’t forget you can shop this look or style your own with 15% off using Mascara15 at

Complete the look with some of my favorite accessories below!

Complete the look
Olive Jacket, Watch, Boots, Belt
Favorite styles
Purse, Moto Jacket, Toffee Jacket, Mug

Can’t wait to see what you create!

Disclosure: Some links in this post are called “affiliate links,” meaning at no cost to you, I will earn a commission if you click through and decide to make a purchase which will likely cater to my Starbucks addition. 

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