Raleigh-based Charity Welcomes Community Members Home in Style

Home is much more than a roof, four walls and a door. It’s a place we welcome guests, prepare meals, escape and make memories – with each room dressed in our personal style and taste. IMO, no one shows they understand this more than The Green Chair Project.

This Raleigh-based charity re-homes previously loved décor, furnishings and essentials, by partnering with more than 60 different organizations who match members of our community in need of these items. This includes children aging out of foster care, those who lost their homes in a natural disaster, veterans, domestic violence victims and more.

Green Chair welcome sign

On my tour of the facility, we walked room by room through the choices guests of The Green Chair make throughout their shopping trip. Cute and colorful dish towels, patterned plates and kitchen tools lined the shelves—all waiting to find their next home. It was clear from the visit volunteers go to great lengths to provide high-quality service and choices for those they serve. From curated matching dish sets to ensuring all the essentials to make a meal are included in the kitchen packages, to testing electronic services (right down to the toasters), the selection is more than just “cast-away” items no one wanted. Shoppers are truly empowered to pick out and build the home of their dreams.

But that’s not all….

The Green Chair project 1

The second part of the tour took us to the “shopping section,” only open to the public a few times out of the year. The items here are ones that wouldn’t make sense for the people they serve and the vibe immediately shifts to the rush you get when thrifting. The room was overflowing with vintage bar carts, oriental rugs, high-end paintings and wall tapestry.



If you’re interested in going on a treasure hunt for a good cause, check out the upcoming preview party Feb. 15 ($25 for tickets) and get in before the larger tag sale open to all Feb. 16-17.

While we continue working on our master bedroom makeover, I’m collecting pillows, comforters and other decor to bring by! There’s something that warms my heart knowing that these items that once held a place in my home will now offer beauty to someone’s new home and also get a fresh start. Learn more about The Green Chair Project and what you might have in your home to donate here.


NC doormat
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Disclosure: The doormat in this post is an “affiliate link,” meaning at no cost to you, I will earn a commission if you click through and decide to make a purchase which will likely cater to my Starbucks addition. 

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  1. From what I could see it was a complete range of options based on the item. Sorry that’s not much help but it just depends on what you find :).


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