Master Bedroom Makeover – Phase 1

It’s that time again! After a successful kitchen reno and master bath makeover, we deserve some rest. However, we want to relax in style (tips on easy adds for beauty rest here) and are now turning to our master bedroom for our next project.

With the third project comes much more experience when it comes to planning and execution. Although two different verticals when it comes to the world design, there’s one thing that both working with designer Taylor Schaap and taking styling courses from Hilary Rushford have in common: Mood Boards.

In addition to offering inspiration, mood boards offer a deeper insight – what you really like, want and gravitate toward when it comes to your style or room. Below is a snapshot of all the inspiration! Somehow I need to figure out how to tie together vintage, bohemian and hygge…challenge accepted!

master bedroom inspo

The next step is seeing what’s actually feasible. Taking another note from my styling courses with Hilary, she explains that we’d all look fabulous in a $5,000 dress, but that’s not everyday life. The same goes for home décor and makeovers. So what’s actually going to be in the budget?

Below are a few of the items we’ve already picked up for the room ALL ON SALE…expect for the Kate Spade bowl, but I consider $20 for Kate a steal.

Collection bedroom

Stay tuned to see the big reveal!

Disclosure: Some of the links in this post is are “affiliate link,” meaning at no cost to you, I will earn a commission if you click through and decide to make a purchase which will likely cater to my Starbucks addition. 

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