How to Choose a Charity

While you’re thinking up resolutions and looking ahead at a clean slate in the New Year, I want to challenge you to think about finding a volunteer group that resonates with you & then join! 

With hundreds of charities to choose from in the Triangle area alone and so many worthy causes across the world, I personally struggled with where to even start and then how to pick.  Below are three ideas on how to find your charity.

Find your connection.

If there’s one place that has left a mark (or paw print) on my heart, its Saving Grace, a dog (and more) rescue located in Wake Forest, NC. Just try not to smile as you peruse their pups—and piggies. There are multiple ways to lend a hand, including donating time to the facility, dollars, services or your home YODAfor a foster.

I personally became invested after adopting my now angel, Yoda (trying to type this without tearing up). A friend introduced me to the organization and I immediately fell in love with what they were doing – and Yoda. The place was full of happy dogs running around, all well-cared for by a friendly staff who work hard to make sure each dog is heading home with the right family. If you have a soft-spot for furry friends, consider Saving Grace or a similar organization.

Find your passion.

I LOVE fashion. Last year I was thrilled to join Models for Charity,  an organization of professional men and women in the Triangle who raise money for local charities, allowing me to merge couture with causes in my community. One of my favorite things about the nonprofit is the ability to impact multiple charities. Just in the last few months MFC has supported the Me Fine FoundationWestern Wake Crisis Ministry and SAFEchild (all organizations I suggest checking out!).

mFC 2

Find your friends.

I first heard of 1 in 9 through a friend who volunteered with the nonprofit and was completely moved. The charity was founded by cancer-survivor who knew first-hand how tough everyday life became while battling the disease.

She shared kendrahow little things add up quickly like gas to and from treatment or exhaust you like having to run to the store after chemo. 1 in 9 works to cover all the day to day details so patients can turn their energy towards fighting the disease. Without my friend, I may have never heard of this incredible team of women and how they’re changing what cancer looks for those in our community- so ask around! P.s. I love that Kendra Scott got involved


One thought on “How to Choose a Charity

  1. Great tips, and a great reminder to start the year off right with charity work and volunteering. I’ve got a list of groups that I routinely support – some because I’m passionate about what they do and some because my friends are founders or are really involved so I come out and support them. I’m glad you found some local groups that you connect with!


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