New Year’s Eve: Night-In Ideas

New Year’s Eve comes with mixed emotions for many—and to be honest, I have no idea why. To me, it’s a fresh start rolled in glitter (what’s better than that?). The past few years we’ve rung in the New Year dressed to the nine everywhere from ballrooms to basements. However, this year we’re taking a hard detour and celebrating in our civilian clothes on the couch.

Young, wild and free me would have looked at this as blasphemy, but exhausted and recovering 30-year-old me is just too worn out to care. I’m not sure if I’ve become more easy-going with age or if the past few months have shifted my thinking, but either way I decided to appreciate the moment for what it is (there’s a peek at one of my resolutions for the new year) and share a few ways we’ll bring in 2018 in case you’re celebrating the same way—whether you had planned on it, or not.


Count the Clock, not the Calories 

I personally believe that calories don’t count on birthdays, holidays or at parties.

Pizza is always just a phone call away, but if you’re looking to make a memory, what about finding a new or favorite dish to make together – this works with friends, fam & Sig O’s.


I love finger-foods and apps! Treat yourself to a spread of small bites while you count down the clock. My bestie sent me THE BEST *and easiest* queso recipe I fully intend to add to my menu mix.

There’s always champagne

Keep it simple with a bottle and two glasses or indulge with a fun little cotton candy trick to add some color to your cup. Either way, a night-in never means you can’t cheers. I love how the pexels pic below recycles Christmas ornaments for more festivity – plus it’s a great excuse to put off packing away the holiday gear until after the New Year.


Get a Jump on New Year’s Resolutions

One of the biggest “let-downs” around New Year’s Eve is making a resolution you fail to stick with. That’s why I’ve started making ones that I can actually keep. Is there somewhere you’ve wanted to travel? Why not book the trip before midnight and get a jump on the goal? Have you been wanting to try a class on something – cooking, painting, etc.? Book it now! There’s nothing like heading into 2018 half-way towards your resolution.

Last year I completed my wish-list by booking my trip to Charleston, South Carolina AND seeing a few of my favorite bands that are still touring #goals! My final resolution was to  dive into blogging- and I’m THRILLED to share that I’ve accepted the position as the Raleigh Ambassador for the NC Blogger Network. Each goal was feasible to begin with just a click of a button before the new year.


Four or more?

If there’s four or more of you, opt for a board game vs a drinking game. Break out games from the past like Chutes and Ladders, Candy Land or get creative (and plenty of laughs) with Randomise to draw, act or describe your way to victory.


How are you spending NYE?

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