Designer Spotlight: John Thomas Friend & Cuff Covers

I heard about John Friend, after he served with my husband in the United States Marine Corp &  loved learning what he had planned for the fashion world. Merging creativity, style and personality, John coined cuff covers, an easy and convenient accessory to fasten around existing pant cuffs, pant rolls, the bottom of leggings, shirt cuffs and cuffed sleeves.

The concept offers two huge hacks for the fashion-forward and although they can be used all-year-around, I find them especially helpful this season!

Hack 1: There’s no denying it’s officially time to break out the leggings. If your bored with the all-black or want to offer a new look to the same pair of jeans, opt for different covers that compliment your look.

Cuff covers

Hack 2: Cover your booties & boots without overheating in socks! I LOVE the socks & boot look but unless it’s sub-zero out, it gets toasty fast. Depending on the size and boot type, I found most of these fit over the top of my long boots and all fit around my ankles at the bottom.


Visit to browse their latest collections and feel good supporting a seasoned veteran and emerging designer!


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