Find your Sweet Spot with Luxe Dessert Stops in Raleigh

Believe it or not, I’ve never had a major sweet tooth. I can usually pass when the dessert menu comes around or opt out of the company donut box. However, when it comes to this four decadent dessert spots, I cave every time. Honestly, these spots are so good, I don’t even feel guilty for a number of calories I consume, #sorrynotsorry.

Spoons up & enjoy!

Bitter Sweet

I’m still swooning over this place! Their curated cocktails and one-of-a-kind dessert creations will have you hooked. There’s nothing like a hot cup of coffee on a chilly day, but their spiked Joe will warm up your soul. I paired it with their apple crisp donut cobbler to further all the fall feelings. The cobble included everything you’d imagine from the description, plus candid bacon! If you want to try this treat, make sure you get there after 5 p.m. since we learned it actually slow cooks for hours to marry all the flavors!



Located in Chapel Hill and Raleigh, this local bakery touts tons of cupcakes, but my personal favorite option is the gelato—with prosecco.  The Raleigh location offers this but if you want to take it up a notch, you can enjoy a full bar at the Chapel Hill venue. Plan carefully and you can dine on Franklin Street and then pop by for an after-dinner treat to sweeten the night.


Edible Art

Almost too pretty to eat- but someone we find the strength—these beautiful creations taste as fabulous as they look. This is actually the vendor I used for my wedding and I was 100 percent pleased with both the appearance, price and taste! They even provided a free top tier of my cake for our one year anniversary so we could taste our wedding all over again, and fresh vs freezing it. Their cupcakes won’t disappoint, but don’t overlook the pies which hold their own.


Amorino Gelato

Stop by in the heart of downtown Raleigh and get a taste from around the globe. This international company’s signature is the Amorino Rose, allowing you to combine as many flavors as you like into your own “floral arrangement!”


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