Moon & Lola’s latest collection

If there’s one spot I can’t walk past in Cameron Village, it’s Moon & Lola. Which made coordinating an event on behalf of the NC Blogger Network after hours to peek at their newest collection – with pink champagne and cupcakes – feel like Christmas.

And Christmas was exactly what those (including myself) attending had in mind while shopping their new custom dog ornaments – don’t worry cat ladies, there are kittens too! Stop by the store to pick up the standard breeds like the ones below or if you have a pup like mine (Master Splinter is a hairless Chinese Crested) simply email a photo of your dog and Moon & Lola will make an ornament just for you! It’s an ideal gift for that friend who has an unknown breed they’ve rescued or one that’s hard to find.


The brand is best-known for personalization and detail. Last year I gifted a few of my besties with their signature bracelets below…all while secretly wanting one for myself. Pick out and personalize bracelets and necklaces adding charms like little pineapples or the state of North Carolina, colorful tassels and more.

Moon and lola

After stocking up on the shiny-new items (and wishing I built my own bracelet) I toured the rest of the store – pink champagne in hand– and fully inspired.  My latest obsession is bar carts, which are rightfully trending. The cart below was fully stocked, complete with sweet donut bottle openers alongside mixers and glasses dipped and sprinkled in gold.

Bar Cart

In addition to icing your home with added accessories, the shelves are full of everything a girl boss needs, from planners to pillows, to chic little signs to statement jewelry. Stop by one of their two locations in Raleigh and step into the boutique of every fashionista’s dream.

Hello sign'

I LOVE Moon & Lola and can’t wait to hear what you think after checking it out for yourself.

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