Oh Baby! Shower Ideas for Expecting Parents

This year THREE of my besties announced they were expecting.  Each of these ladies have their own style and personality that I know their daughters (yep, all girls!) will love as much as I do. This also meant that all three showers would be drastically different. I loved the challenge and that it meant each one could be filled with fun, unique and personalized ideas for expecting moms and dads.Below are my favorite finds while planning this year!


My favorite location was defiantly the local brewery- a perfect spot for co-ed showers. Not only will you never run out of beer, but cleanup is a breeze and it put the guys at ease. With banners like “A Baby’s Brewing” all across Etsy, it’s clear this wasn’t a “novel” concept, but it was seriously a fun one.

Baby Brewing


Run the theme idea by mom. Once you have her blessing, it’s a great way to give yourself parameters to work within- but you can still go all out! For one shower, we held a luau theme. Complete with leis, grass skirts, tiki lanterns and of course, pineapples. The Baby-Q was the tastiest with mini cheeseburgers and cone pretzel holders to guests could much and walk around to mingle.





Pinwheel Fans

Easy DIY décor that makes for beautiful and colorful backdrops. I used these for all three showers but picked different patterns for each.


Games – Know your Audience

Although it’s not for everyone, we had a young co-ed crowd at two of the showers—all who are fans of the tongue-in-cheek game, Cards Against Humanity. So, naturally, when we realized there’s actually a “cards against maternity” version, we had to play. It delivered the same amount of twisted laughs and cringes as the original, and was a huge hit at both showers.





All the showers had the “late night” diaper game which I would also recommend. Although not really an interactive game, it provided guests something to do as they arrived and moms will benefit from the set of diapers, plus a late night laugh or encouraging word.

late night


My favorite favors had to be the succulents ( I was a guest at this one) gifted to each guest as they left. The tag read that the succulent would “grow” with the baby, but need a lot less attention. Another win was the “About to Pop” popcorn bags we gave out at the brewery for guests to nibble on later that night after one too many beers.







4 thoughts on “Oh Baby! Shower Ideas for Expecting Parents

  1. Oooh that’s great! I actually really like the idea of doing a baby shower at a brewery or a specialty taproom. A bunch of my friends are super into craft beer, so I feel like that would be a great way for everyone to get together and celebrate 🙂


  2. So many great budget-friendly creative ideas! I love the “cards against maternity” game, lol it sounds fun. And the succulents are a great idea too!


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