Master Bathroom Makeover with Designer Taylor Schaap – Phase I

Taylor Schaap will deliver you a personalized Pinterest-worthy space without the high price tag.

I’m sure I’m not alone when I say I would LOVE to work with an interior designer to reach my room’s full-potential, but between the fee for professional  help and the extravagant items usually selected by them, it wasn’t in the (credit) cards for me— united I learned about Taylor Schaap’s virtual and budget-friendly services.

Best of all, after Phase II completes, we’ll be partnering to host a giveaway so you can have a chance to work with Taylor too!

The process was SO easy thanks to Taylor’s step-by-step guidance and affordable products she selected to create my bespoke bathroom. Taylor taps into stores like Target, Wayfair and At Home to build out your space and ensures to align these selections with your skillset. She even accounts for budget to hire out a contractor if needed.

Below you’ll see phase I of the process. I’m personally excited to post Phase II which will mean that the project is completed and I’ll have my new master bath. Stay tuned!


How’s it work?

After having an introductory conversation with Taylor on my hopes and concerns for the space, Taylor provided a few homework assignments to get the ball rolling.

I was assigned to build out a Pinterest board of looks I love for the room. Taylor then used these to determine common themes and accurately depicted my style as eclectic with rustic and industrial undertones.

Inspiration Images

The second assignment was to measure my space and take photos of the full room. This is important for a few reasons as you’ll see below.

Taylor created a complete mock-up of my bathroom—without ever stepping foot in it in person! The measurements were vital to equip her with what she needed to recommend product sizing and placement.  She then lettered where the products would go and referenced them on my “shopping list” at the end.

I’ve never measured before, but her comprehensible instruction guide walked me through everything from how to find the parameter to how to take the photos of the space.

Mockup for master bathroom

Before image of vanityClawfoot Tub

Two weeks later, I received two gorgeous looks to choose from or combine. Before I show the mock-up, I have to share what surprised me the most.

I thought I would just receive images but NO. Taylor created a full presentation she talked through to explain why she selected the items, what I can do with them and more. I actually prefer this concept since I can revisit the presentation if I forget her comments.

Both looks I received incorporated my Pinterest boards and addressed my concerns.

I had shared during my introductory call that I hate the tile that lines the walls of my master. Since I don’t have the budget or skill-set to remove it, Taylor offered changing the color on the calls to downplay the tiles and refocus the eye. The other issue I have with the bathroom is limited storage. You’ll notice she provided a stylish solution to this using baskets and an eclectic/rustic ladder.

Look # 1

Look no. 1 Master Bathroom Makeover

Look #2

Look 2 Master Bathroom

Both options remained the same when it came to my claw foot tub- which I LOVE.

Clawfoot Tub Makeover

My hubby & I have already started purchasing the items from the personalized shopping list Taylor provided and will begin the makeover in the next few weeks! One thing I will note is the urgency to purchase the products from the shopping list ASAP. As Taylor warned me, prices can change and some of the items selected were on clearance to stick to the budget. I immediately feel in love with the two bellacor candle scones and scooped them up for a steal, saving $20 thanks to a sale!

In addition to picking cost-friendly items, Taylor utilized items I already own when possible as yet another way to stay on budget.

Stay tuned for the final result, and check out Taylor’s work in the meantime by visiting http://taylorschaapdesign.com/ or following her on insta @taylor.schaap.

10 thoughts on “Master Bathroom Makeover with Designer Taylor Schaap – Phase I

  1. I’ve always wanted a claw foot tub! How exciting to work with someone to do a room makeover, that is a dream of mine! Can’t wait for the big reveal! 🙂
    – Marissa


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