Meet Artist Kyra Hinton

Q&A with Kyra Hinton

Kyra is on the forefront of creating an entirely new art medium! You can win your own over on Instagram until Aug. 15.

Kyra Hinton

Kyra was kind enough to offer a look behind her work, followed by insights from a real-life entrepreneur and creator.  She explains that placing art throughout our home is a demonstration of who we are and what we love, and is honored to be part of that identification.

“Art offers a visual way of expressing our souls. That’s why it is such a HUGE compliment when someone makes space on their walls for my art. It means that the part of my heart I represented on that piece, reflected theirs and found a home. It means maybe we aren’t so alone after all. The art on our walls not only helps define us to others, but it connects us to them as well.”

Q: How did this all start?

“I grew up in the world of art” explains Kyra, “my mom was a painter. I knew that paint was in my blood, But I wanted to find a path of my own.”

“This past December I hit my lowest in regards to my identity as an artist and creative. It didn’t seem like anyone wanted to see what I was flinging out into the world, so maybe what I was sharing wasn’t valuable after all. Within a couple weeks of that, my mom and I were experimenting with inks and paints, and I literally stumbled across this medium. I remember looking at my piece of paper and gasping as I saw rivers and icebergs and oceans emerge. I began to develop a way to build worlds in puddles on paper, and then capture an image to share with the world.”

Q: What was the turning point for you?

“People had been telling me I should start a business, but it just didn’t feel right. Probably because I still had so much doubt about my value as an artist. But I distinctly remember the day, right at the end of January, when an Insta-friend reached out to me about purchasing one of my pieces. The idea that someone, who didn’t owe me any niceties, would want to pay me for my artwork, and reserve a spot on the wall of her home for it — well, it changed me. I wrapped it up and shipped it out to her that day. That night I stayed up until 2:00 a.m. opening my Etsy shop. I’m never that impulsive, but finally, after all that time, something just felt right, and I had to follow the trail to see what I’d find.”

Can you give us a peek into your creative process?

“My techniques are always in development mode! Many times this frustrates me. Usually, when I expect to go into a piece and know exactly how to create it, that is when I’m usually completely wrong…then I find an entirely new technique and fall in love with this process all over again.

For my topography pieces of states or countries, I usually start by researching the topography and satellite imagery of the area. I don’t copy these, but I use them for reference to ensure the mountains, valleys, lakes, and plateaus are all in the correct locations. For more abstract pieces, including the agates, I just go at it and put down what I see and feel in my mind. And for the painted drone photography, I reference the original image the whole time, in order to capture all the best aspects of the textures and colors. When it comes to each piece though, I do my best to fall into step with the rhythm of the art itself, and let it teach me the steps of its dance.”

What’s next?

“This has all been such a whirlwind that I almost don’t want to put a limit on the possibilities, by setting goals! But, while working on the Kickstarter campaign we did, my husband and I learned that we absolutely love working together. If this business could grow to the point where he could come work with me full-time on it, that  would be the most incredible dream.”

Q: What would you say to other creatives?

“So much of it I had to discover for myself, as the process of discovery is really what established me as an artist and entrepreneur in my own mind. But if I could have any impact, if I could whisper in the ear of any lonely artist out there reading this, I’d tell them to stay strong. Stick in it. You have a beautiful voice and a beautiful heart that the world desperately needs. Don’t let the darkness crowd out the light in you. Don’t let the fear have its way. Even if you can’t see it yet, and your heart hurts from trying, keep on. It’s worth the fight. One day you’ll look up and find you’re right where you belong. You’ll be known, and you’ll be loved.”



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