Hack for Mixing Patterns Like a Pro

Recently, I’ve become OBSESSED with mixing patterns. However, I can respect that it’s a delicate balance and that I’m no expert in the art. While looking for inspiration and trying to figure out how to avoid looking like I got dressed in the dark, I figured out a little hack that’s helped me. So, if you’re a fashionista who wants to dip your toe into the trend, or maybe it’s just laundry day, I hope you find this hack helpful too.

Designers have already done the work for you! 

There’s no need to reinvent the wheel. Some pieces come “pre-mixed” like the shirt below. Just separate the two already coordinating patterns into a top and bottom.

Bling and belts can help tie the look together 

how to mix patterns- florals and stripes

Let the patterns speak for themselves with a natural divide between top and bottom by going belt-less

how to mix patterns- florals and stripes navy

Don’t limit your inspiration to clothing

Are there certain home pieces that pop? You can go literal with your replication like the one below or simply make note that large icons work well with smaller ones

Charelston Hand-made baskets

Fabric isn’t your only friend to inspire your look.

Notebooks or scrap paper can also help you cheat by putting together materials using trial and error

how to mix patterns- florals and polka dots

There you have it. Nothing huge, just a quick hack that I found helpful, I hope you will too!


5 thoughts on “Hack for Mixing Patterns Like a Pro

  1. I’ve never looked at mixing patterns like this. It’s so simple once you notice it, but I would have never picked up on it on my own. Thanks for sharing!


  2. Super cute! I’m not someone who has many patterns in my closet to work with anyways, but I really like all the recommendations you’ve made 🙂 Haha I love the pillow pattern inspiration!


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