Sneak Peek at the Seasons 52 Raleigh Summer Menu!

All the Reasons to Visit Seasons 52

I’ll start with a confession. I’m no frequent flyer or fanatic when it comes to chain restaurants. There’s something special about small biz/local restaurants and the culture that comes with local fare. However, I was VERY impressed how Seasons 52 breaks apart from the chain restaurant rep and creates a menu and culture all its own.

Attending a blogger-friendly event, I learned that “52” takes on a few different meanings. Not only does the restaurant tout 52 different glasses of wine available (among even more options for bottles), but the “52” also speaks to creating something new 52 times a year. Each week a different cocktail, dessert, app or entrée is offered to allow guests a new option every time they visit.

I’m sure you can assume what  “seasons” signifies. We were able to get a taste of what the seasonal summer menu has in store. The chef describes the offerings as light, sweet and all things summer vibes. Full disclaimer, I threw in the last description, but I think after you try the Watermelon Agua Fresca, you’ll agree.

Since I’m finding myself at a season in my life where most of my friends are expecting, I thought it was fabulous the Fresca came free of spirit, but if you’re like me and want a twist, you can with their sweet vanilla vodka. My favorite drink of the night had to be their nod to southern summers with a signature drink called Bourbon Peach Smash!


In addition to the new cocktails, the new menu will include summer flatbreads, figs stuffed with bleu cheese, watermelon and heirloom tomato salad, scallops atop of creamy risotto and marinated lamb, which was by far my favorite—impressive since I don’t lamb!


The icing on top of the entire event was definitely the desserts, which I was delighted to learn come out in shooter glasses all year. Instead of forcing guests to pick one sweet treat, there’s an option to purchase the tray and try them all—including their  Toasted S’mores, Crème Brule and Key Lime Pie which tastes even better out from under a blow torch.


I’m already eager to see what I fall for in the Fall! Since this is my favorite month by far I had to ask what’s up their sleeve. Although no one is ready to give up on summer, the chef explained that it will include heartier versions and cocktails to warm you up from the inside out.

Check out Seasons 52 the next time you’re shopping at Crabtree Valley Mall in Raleigh or find one near you!

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