Raleigh Eats & Drinks that will Transport You to Another World

Raleigh spots that will make you feel like you’ve traveled to another country or time vs right down the road!

I’m from a small town, and while I feel strongly about remembering where you come from, this town never ceases to amaze me with hidden gems sprinkled throughout the city.


Every twist and turn throughout the eclectic space will spark joy. Look up and around, you won’t want to miss one tiny delightful detail.  Top choices when dining: The beef skewers and Brussels sprouts dance with flavor— wash them down with a Mediterranean mule. 


vidrio bar

Brewery Bahava

What does a bookstore, floral shop, craft beer and Dim Sum have in common? Nothing. However the concept WORKS and transports visitors to a place that seems like something from a dream. Favorite beers based of my personal pallet, Till, Plow and Grove. Obviously the Dim Sum is to die for, but don’t forget the egg rolls, dumplings and noodles.

Brewery Bahava

Taverna Agora

I can’t bring myself to sit anywhere but on the roof – surrounded by gardening, lights and Mediterranean music you’ll want to stop time and stay forever. The Greek Mule rivals others across Oak City. Follow it up with a Greek tasting platter for the table.

Taverna Agora

Mulino Italian Kitchen

Formally known as Babylon, this kitchen has brought its own twist to the space. The outdoor lighting and garden pools set the scene for drinks or dine inside for a warm lit atmosphere. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to experience the play other than popping by, but the scenery is calling me back for a taste test that will be updated soon!

Mulino Italian Kitchen

Raleigh Beer Garden

Covered in more beers than you can count, each story of the venue delights with cozy chairs, gardening, lights and a rooftop. Venture outside for a fire pit or play cornhole under the market lights.

Beer garden

Other spots to stop for thrills in both taste and atmosphere:

Dos Taquitos XOCO for steak tacos, gauc and margaritas under light up Dia de Los Muertos decor

C. Grace to step back into the 1920s and enjoy jazz, moody lighting and glitzy decor

Big Easy if you’re jonesing for a New Orlean’s experience without the plane ticket. Fabulous bands and alligator bites followed by a bourbon brownie sundae always hit the spot.


10 thoughts on “Raleigh Eats & Drinks that will Transport You to Another World

  1. I’ve lived in Raleigh for years so I’m embarrassed to say the only one of these I’ve been to is the Raleigh Beer Garden! I’ve heard so many good things about Bhavana and Vidrio though, that I will make an effort to visit them someday.


  2. I don’t make it over to Raleigh too often, so I’ve only been to the beer garden, but I’ll have to check it that Brewery Bahava soon. Craft beer, dim sum, and bookstore? Yes please!


  3. What a great round up! I’ve actually never been to any of these places, but I love how each one seems so unique and special! Great venues for a special night out!


  4. These places sound so amazing! How did I not know that all of this was in Raleigh?! My first stop will probably be Brewery Bahava!


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