5 Ways to Savor the Summer

#Praise–Summer is FINALLY here. Make the most of it with these ideas below!

Listen to the Sound of Summer

Raleigh alone has 100 outdoor summer concerts to choose from—many are even FREE! Even if you don’t live here, you can still dance in the fresh air and sunshine in your own state by finding a series near you or simply enjoying a local band from a patio bar.


Dip into Summer 

Find a body of water and dive in! Make sure you think safety first and swim with a buddy—aka a GIANT inflatable. My personal choice is a unicorn, but swans, flamingos and half-eaten donuts are also acceptable.


Sip into Summer 

In addition to making a scene with a giant obnoxious inflatable animal or food item, observe the rule of no glass in the pool and opt for one of these bendable beverage holders. Need inspiration on what/how to fill up your cup? Check out these festive summer cocktails and mocktails that are sure to quench your thirst!


Trip into Summer (At this point I’m on a roll with the rhyming headlines so I had to do it)

No matter if you’re planning to head across the sea, country, state lines or the next city over, take a trip this summer and travel. If you’re in need of a recommendation, check out my post on why you should go to Charleston! However, you don’t have to spend the night somewhere for it to count as a summer road trip. Two of my girls and I ventured just a few cities over to Hillsborough, N.C. last year and soaked in the small-town charm. We left with souvenirs, full stomachs and memories (post on this COMING SOON).


Serve this Summer

If you’re #blessed enough to get Summer Fridays, don’t waste them watching T.V. (although who can resist parks and rec?!). Instead, volunteer!  Use the time you’d normally spend trapped in a cube or watching the tube to make a difference in your community and get connected. Raleigh’s Activate Good is a great place to start/get inspired!

love hands

What’s on your summer list?

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