Unique gift ideas for any special or life-changing occasion

Weddings, baby showers, housewarming parties, oh my!  How do you pick the perfect gift that won’t collect dust in the corner, receive a return or be duplicated at the party? Give the gift that everyone wants, MORE TIME.

Gifting your friend/family something that will save them time as the ultimate prezzy! See a few ideas below that are perfect for any special occasion.

Laundry service – pick up, wash & delivery

Local company, Laundrymen will actually pick up your laundry, wash it and then bring it back shiny and new!  Perfect for new or veteran moms, working professionals or those who simply hate doing laundry.


The Gift of Pizza 

Domino’s continues to innovate when it comes to the ease of ordering a pizza, including the launch of a wedding registry! The registry shares that it cater to “couples who prefer delicious melty cheese to crystal gravy boats.”

Options include a pizza for the wedding night in case the bride and groom never tasted their hundred dollar meal (which happened to me #tears) to cheesy pizza to pair with cheesy movies for future date nights. One idea I highly recommend is presenting this at a bridal shower to be used the night of the bachelorette party.


Hours with a personal organizer

Take it from Tidy Tova, organizing can leave your life feeling instantly different! Perfect for newlyweds merging two lives together, a professional organizer (PO) like Tova can help organize closets (if you have to share) and declutter to curate a home that encompasses the personality of the couple vs. two singles. This gift is also helpful for homeowners to be given as a housewarming for space optimization or prior to moving.

tidy tovaProfessional Cleaning service 

There’s nothing like walking in the door to a clean and fresh home. However rolling up your sleeves to get there is anything but refreshing. Couple that with the idea of being a mom or working professional only adds turmoil.

A huge hit at baby showers or Mother’s Day, grab one of the many services on Groupon and give your loved one a break from the mop bucket!

maid service

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