FabFitFun Subcription Box Review

I’ve tried quite a few subscription boxes, from meal delivery to rented jewelry to the usual style suspects like Stich Fix, but FabFitFun  is by far the best subscription box I’ve tested. FabFitFun excels in value, quality and variety—you won’t be disappointed if your box is anything like mine.

Because I received the Editor’s Box, the most comparable box I’ve tried is the PopSugar must have box.  I really want to focus on what FabFitFun box has in store vs. going into a separate review of PopSugar’s,  but think sitting them side by side for a moment will help perspective.

PopSugar vs. FabFitFun

Value – PopSugar: $39.95 will get you a box with products worth more than $100. FabFitun: For only $10 more, $49.99, you’ll receive more than $200 worth of product

Quality – PopSugar: I didn’t recognize any of the designers/ artisans – not to say they’re bad, I was just unfamiliar. FabFitun: Modcloth, Zoya , Jook & Nona… all well-knowns in fashion

Variety- PopSugar: This box has the most variety – it included everything from fitness products to kitchen to beauty. However, all three items listed weren’t for me. The jump rope was too long,  I hate to cook and the beauty item was Maybelline mascara I could have grabbed at Walmart. FabFitun: The curated selections remind me of something you see on Pinterest, where if you like A, you’ll probably like B and C. FabFitFun definitely found the formula on how to keep the selection varied but similar ( more on what I received below). 

Now onto the FabFitFun review!

I enjoyed 100 percent of the items in the box and LOVED about 80 percent. Typically if I use even a third of the subscription box items I consider it a win, so these numbers speak volumes.

My favorite item was a black and white blanket scarf from ModCloth. Sadly I’m behind in posting so this was perfectly suited for harsh winter days when it arrived,  but it’s also come in handy for a few chilly rainy mornings this spring. When it was too warm to rock my fashion-forward scarf I tapped into the gold bar “dream” necklace from Jook & Nona – perfect for layering or wearing solo.


FabFitFun nailed it knowing neutrals look good on almost everyone. With their trendy choices of nudes for both the Zoya nail polish and Manna Kadar gloss stain,  I continued to get compliments on the colors everywhere I went! Speaking of travel, the black and gold “good morning gorgeous” coffee mug is the perfect companion on my way to work.

I’ve also enjoyed testing out the following products that I would have never picked up on my own, but feel super pampered when using:

Marrakesh Argan & Hemp Hair Oil,  O.R.G. Skincare Mineral Peel Face and  Anderson Lilley Beach Butter Body Cream

The final item at the bottom of the box made me smile. Because sometimes you need to be encouraged to color on the floor like you’re a kid again, but own the chicest colored pencils around. I’m slowing coming around to the calming effect you get from coloring, but the “stylist” in me loves the idea of having the freedom to play with color pallets.

Coloring Book

There you have it- FabFitFun was a home run, #noregrets. My next post will be on Stitch Fix, so stay tuned!

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