Fresh Ideas for Florals This Spring

Thinking outside the box has its own rewards. In this case, thinking outside the vase will allow you to bring in your personal style and favorite florals to freshen up your space this Spring.

Hanging succulents warm my heart. These gorgeous examples are from the local store I adore, DECO, but you can easily DIY your own. Most vases come pre-roped and then you simply drop in your preferred plant.


Another option is to home your new friend in something that doubles as décor like a Geo Terrarium to sit on the shelf or hang depending on the look you’d like.

West Elm

Make use of your wall space by staggering rustic boxes filled with succulents. My hubby and I used fake florals to finish this look, and it only took about an hour once we had all the materials.  Feel free to peek behind the scenes with this tutorial ß COMING SOON I SWEAR.


Hit the thrift store or a yard sale to score a vintage pitcher for next to nothing and bring in a farmhouse feel that would make Chip & Joanna proud.

vintage floral

Keep it clean and classy with this idea to incorporate a clear glass and limes. I LOVE the fresh and airy feel this gives to a room and how it hints summer is on the way.


In the full spirit of fruit + floral head straight to summer vibes by going bold in both color and creativity with a pineapple in place of a vase. Check out the tutorial here that I’m definitely planning to try.


From bohemian to borderline Lilly Pulitzer, there’s a look and feel for everyone this Spring!

10 thoughts on “Fresh Ideas for Florals This Spring

  1. First time visiting! I am loving those hanging pots, I got one to hang in my daughter’s nursery but am on the lookout for a good fake ivy plant (that doesn’t look too fake but also don’t cost too much). Great post!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for visiting! I hope you find more inspiration and fun in the future :). I LOVE the idea of putting something like that in a nursery. I’m actually getting ready to post on how plants in bedrooms help sleep and improve health- maybe worth taking a look at real ones… but if you need fake ivy head to Michaels or Hobby Lobby, I saw both there!


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