How to Throw an Alternate Bachelorette

Not all brides-to-be want to dance the night away. And that’s OK because They’re the bride. I’ve had the honor of being in nearly 10 weddings in the past two years and they were all different in their own way.When it was my turn, my girls nailed it. And although there were specific parts of my party that made it special, the real reason for success was that they listened to what I wanted and they knew me well enough to run with the rest (you can read more on that here).

As each bride has her own style wedding dress, each bachelorette has her own style of how she wants to celebrate.  It’s important to respect that and realize if you’ve agreed to be in her bridal party, you’ve agreed to make her vision come true when it comes to her parties in addition to the big day.

wine and design

For the bachelorette who wants to sleep in her own bed – Keep it Local

Not everyone wants to go out of town to celebrate. They’ll understand that if they live in a smaller city their options may be limited, but that doesn’t mean the night has to be.

  • Throw a lingerie party before heading out to get the momentum going with gifts and drinks
  • Rent a Limo or party bus to set the mood and ensure safe group travel
  • Find Karaoke
  • Go to a brewery
  • Try a wine and design

For the bachelorette who doesn’t want to spend the night puking – Keep it

Just because the bride doesn’t want to go bar hoping doesn’t man the party’s cancelled.

Believe it or not I’ve been on bachlorettes where the bride just wasn’t big on drinking. She didn’t stop anyone else from doing it but it wasn’t her cup of tea, or in this case gin. That doesn’t mean her glass has to be half-empty when it comes to her party.

  • Take the bride to her favorite restaurant in the area – #obvi
  • Find live music/ go to a concert
  • Look into classes – this can be as eccentric as the bride wants it to be, anything from pole dancing to cooking courses
  • Head to a fun park – lazer tag, bumper cars etc.

    No matter what party you throw there are 3 staples every bachelorette should have

  1. Always have a ride. Not only is this smart when drinking but it keeps everyone together and sets the mood. This can be anything from an uber to a limo
  2. Don’t skip the swag. Adorn your bride with a sash, tiara, etc. and hook the girls up with shirts, necklaces, etc. to evoke the feeling as being part of the group
  3. Food. Not everyone wants to drink but everyone needs to/ wants to eat. Make sure to have a plan in place


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