Real-Life Kitchen Reno


My husband and I moved into our home nearly 2 years ago with no plans of selling anytime soon. We both agreed that we would prefer to make our upgrades sooner than later so we can actually enjoy them longer. If you’re fixing up for personal enjoyment or because your getting ready to sell, Trulia notes that there are two essential rooms to focus on: kitchen and master bath. I’m excited to share that we are 1 for 2 on this and have completed an entire kitchen makeover!

The walls were originally covered an assaulting lime green with unpainted cabinets and outdated backsplash. We were lucky enough to have granite counter tops already in place which saved us time and money.

kitchen demo

The first step wasn’t very fun—stripping the cabinets of poly so that we could then sand them, which was my least favorite of all tasks. This will take about a day or two depending on how many cabinets you have. After you finally sand your last piece, everything is downhill from there and you can start painting!

Reviewing our budget, we knew we needed to purchase tiles under a $1.00. After shopping a few different stores we came across the perfect pairs at  Lowe’s. The backsplash  sets the mood and serves as a focal point for your kitchen. It’s worth a trip to the store to check out the tiles in-person vs shopping online. Purchase a few of each style you like to take home and put against the wall for a true vision of what the tiles will look like in your room and lighting. I’m in LOVE with the marble we found.


We purchased almost everything at Lowe’s including (literally) the kitchen sink. However, Ikea was a life-saver when it came to budget and style. We found an industrial pendent to hang above our kitchen table for under $20, and a shorter overhead light for a similar price.

Kitchen Light

Check out the complete makeover below, including the DIY coffee station we dropped in recently!

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