Shopping Local on Another Level 

There’s nothing like shopping local, but let’s take it to another level and shop the local’s closets. Uptown Cheapskate first opened its fabulous doors in Raleigh back in 2009, and shopping for me has never been the same.

The concept is consignment but this is far from hand-me-downs.

Although all stores have their own vibe and ownership, the selection consists of clothes that look like they recently came off the retail rack. They’re usually a mixture of classic and daring to enable any ensemble you have in mind.  Thumbing through their well-organized assortments, you will likely come across high-end brands like Coach, Vera Wang, Michael Kors and more. Although the designers you find my shock you, the price is the real surprise.

During my last visit I left with a Vera Wang shirt for less than $20 and continued to stock up on shoes, purses and accessories
without spending more than $100.


Items shown are similar/same as items I have personally purchased from the  Raleigh store

Here’s some tips to make the most of your trip…

Bring some items with you for the store to sift through while you shop. This is a great way to make space in your closet for the new items and you can opt for store credit to go towards your new purchases—resulting in more saving!

BE BOLD. Sure you can score with some staple items black blazers and white tees, but with the prices at this story, you can afford to take a risk. Try something on that you normally wouldn’t wear or don’t think you can pull off.

Look up and around. This fashion-savvy staff often styles their mannequins. The items are available for purchase whether you want the entire attire or just the necklace.

What’s in your closet?

Find an Uptown Cheapskate near you by visiting uptowncheapskate.com

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