Organize your pantry for less than $15 in less than 5 steps

Part of my blog and New Year is working through rooms in my home to feel more “at
fullsizerenderhome” this year. So in the spirit of the whole #NewYearNewYou, I’m trying a self-proclaimed #NewYearNewRoom challenge!

The first “room” on my list was the pantry.  In our house the pantry is the most utilized storage area, but also the most neglected (aside from under our bathroom sink). Every time I open the door I feel a wave of anxiety— maybe because I’m afraid something will fall on me— and the feeling worsens anytime we have company in the kitchen.

I knew I didn’t want to spend a chunk of change on organizing a pantry, so I took a trip to the Dollar Tree to see what I could find.  The total cost was around $13! Of course this will vary depending on the size of your pantry and what’s at your Dollar Tree.

Step 1: This is the worst of all steps, you know what it is: Purge the pantry. Throw out anything you won’t be using or that’s expired.

 One challenge would be to look at what’s been sitting in your pantry – rice, canned soup, beans- and plan to incorporate at least one of these in your next meal so they don’t continue to sit 

 Step 2: Give new life to shelves. Use liners to go over the boring shelves, you can add a pattern or just a pop of color.

Step 3: Consolidate. Use clear jars instead of cereal boxes, rice bags, etc. to give a more clean and pantry-closeupstreamlined look.Collect any items that can’t be dumped into a clear container (such as canned foods)  and place into a basket.   

If you really want to go all “Martha Stewart” on it, and ensure you aren’t mistaking flour for sugar, etc.,  grab labels. Some Dollar Trees carry chalk ones that give off a market place vibe

Step 4: Get Hooked. Look for hooks to hang aprons and kitchen towels to allow easy access and limit their footprint.

And finally…..New Year, New Room!

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