How to Throw the BEST Bachelorette

I have to brag on my girls again for the BEST bachelorette party I’ve ever attended—although I may be bias as the bride.

However, I’ve been on the other side more times than I can count (I’m not very good at math) and can say that planning to have fun isn’t always fun. As maid (or matron) of honor (MOH) there’s a lot of pressure to deliver a night (or two) to remember for the bride and her crew. For the party to be perfect, the bridesmaids have to come togther, which takes us to the first piece of advice:

  • Gather the girls. It’s common today for bridesmaids to be all over the place, in both life and location. That’s why it is so important to ensure everyone is on the same page in terms of the bachelorette party including the place, travel plans and roles.

    A good bridesmaid is there for the bride as much as she is for the MOH.


If you don’t know the bridesmaids already that’s OK!  Start with a facebook group and/or text the group to introduce yourself and encourage everyone to start sharing ideas. This will help see where strengths lie. Does one bridesmaid talk about party themes? She will probably want to coordinate décor. Is another one all about what to eat and where, put her in charge of the food coordination. Yes, you are in charge as the MOH, but for a successful event you need let each girl bring something to the table for her friend that she is passionate about. If you’re not dealing with a bridezlla, the bride will be more than happy to see her friends coming together.

Talk to the bride. This is something I can’t stress enough and included in “How to Throw the Best Bridal Shower Ever”.

If you want to make the bride happy, start by asking her what she wants—it’s that simple!

How can you go wrong if the bride literally tells you what she wants to do? Remember that this day isn’t about you, so although it may not be your ideal night, if it’s hers suck it up and do it…unless it’s illegal.

Plan ahead. If you throw something together last minute, it shows. Not to mention if you plan to travel flights and hotels can book up and increase in price overnight.

In addition, giving everyone an idea of where you are going and what you plan to do will allow everyone to budget and get their affairs in order for that night or weekend.

Think outside the box. Is there something special you can do for the bride that she hasn’t seen on every single Pinterest board or party she’s attended?

When we stepped onto the plane there was a bachelorette sash in my seat. It’s the little surprises that get the party going for the bride. Tip: If you meet a flight attended named Mike offering free drinks, decline. It’s hot house vodka and he doesn’t provide a chaser – gag.


Another surprise was beer and champagne delivery while we were at the pool! We never skipped a beat and kept the party going.


Play the Games. Games may seem like an outplayed concept but they add a fresh momentum to the party. After a good buzz we each received a challenge to complete which pushed us to mingle, try new (and gross) drinks and have laughs we never expected.

Never underestimate the swag. When else are you going to wear a glowing veil, matching bridal shades, flash tats and bride tribe tees? Take advantage of these special photo opps and gear for the bride and girls. It sets the tone, sparks conversation and moments with those around you.


Ready, set, party!


10 thoughts on “How to Throw the BEST Bachelorette

  1. Sooooo! I need that pool float! haha. I think talking to the bride is probably the best tip. I went to a bachelorette party where the extremely outgoing, firecracker of a friend was in charge of planning. The night ended up stressing out the bride because she’s more conservative and relaxed. Had she just asked what the bride wanted to do and got the sign off on some of the activities, things probably would have went smoother.


  2. These are great tips! I had a small bachelorette party the night before my wedding. It was so much fun and well though out. We played games, took pictures and just asked each other crazy questions. One of my maids of honor actually created coasters for everyone out of pictures we took at the party. It was great!


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