Why I’ll never give up my middle school music

In a world of EDM and pop, somehow middle school/high school bands of the past seem to

concert 2.jpg
Third Eye Blind & Dashboard Confessional

have been muscled aside. Don’t get me wrong, I love some of the new singles/albums today, and the raw talent these artists possess is undeniable. However, I’m not sure they’ll ever speak to me or flood me with a wave of memories like alternative bands of the past.

If you’re feeling nostalgic or maybe even a little guilty you’ve forgotten about some of guys, I have good news—many of the bands are still touring today!  Maybe I’ll see you at the next concert ;).

Third Eye Blind

This will be the third time I see Third Eye Blind (ironically). They’ve never disappointed AND there’s a group on currently circulating for some of their shows.

Blink 182

Although What’s My Age again will always be a staple, it’s been incredible following the bands transformation and falling in love in different ways with each album release. Their new song, Bored to Death is in line with their usual feel but continues to speak to the evolution they’ve made in their sound.

I’m heartbroken that I’ve never seen/heard Tom DeLonge live, but I can say that if anyone had to “fill in” for him, Matt Skiba is a fabulous choice!

Dashboard Confessional

They played with Third Eye Blind in Raleigh and delivered a stellar show last year.  Filled with classics and new beats, it was just as beautiful as the first time I popped in their CD and took a drive to clear my head the night I fell head over heels for Chris Carrabba.

Green Day

The band never fails to deliver moveable-music and my heart still swoons over Time of Your Life and Wake Me Up When September Ends. Both songs have a way of bringing a flood of memories and appreciation for life’s moments.

Brand New

My go-to guy for musicback in high school turned me on to this band and it was love at first listen. Not only did each song find a way to perfectly describe a feeling I could never put into words, but Jesse Lacey’s voice actually made those emotions come to life.

Jimmy Eat World

This show was as good as their latest single, Sure and Certain. The concert was sprinkled with songs from Futures and Damage, I stayed alert to hear the first sound of the iconic Bleed American song, The Middle. As soon as I heard the first chord I lost it! Even today, The Middle gives me hope to keep going and that everything is going to be alright. Thanks Jimmy!

New Found Glory

For some reason Jordan Pundik, Chad Gilbert, Ian Grushka and Cyrus Bolooki refuse to come anywhere near Raleigh – yes, calling them out by name! NFG may be one of my top three favorite bands to ever grace my ipod and despite continued sold out shows or serious travel that it will entail to hear them, I’m determined to make it happen– I Promise You ( #songpun)

Taking Back Sunday

I’m thrilled to hear this band is playing at Carolina Rebellion, which means right after listening to Cute without the ‘E’, Make Damn Sure and You’re So Last Summer, I can pop over and dance my heart out to bands like Avenge Sevenfold, The Offspring and Coheed and Cambria!

Say Anything

I hope when I see this band it’s on a night that I need to be reminded not to take life too serious. I also look forward to giving a nod my Myspace alias Molly Connolly.


17 thoughts on “Why I’ll never give up my middle school music

  1. Haha omg I was thinking recently about some of these “emo” bands and whether I would still like them now that I’ve grown up (well, more grown up, haha). Answer: yes. Yes I do still love them 😀 It’s official: even if I get old the music will never feel old 🙂

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    1. Yes! I agree- the music never ages 💕 I’ve hyperlinked to tickets to their shows if you are interested in seeing one of them in your area 😜


  2. Oh my gosh! This post made me so happy. I loved so many of these bands in high school and saw a lot of them – you’ve got me wanting to go to Carolina Rebellion to see TBS again! I never got to see Blink 182 together at the same time, but I did get to see the members collectively – one +44 show and one Angels and Airwaves show haha! I didn’t event realize they were still making music, I need to check out their new stuff! I also got to see NFG live in Myrtle Beach a few years back and it was an amazing show – keep believing!! You will get there!! Thanks for sharing this fun blast from the past. Good to know I’m not the only one who still listens to the “emo” stuff! 😉

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    1. Sounds like we are soul mates when it comes to music Traci!! I’m so happy you enjoyed this post and love how may people feel the same way about the “emo” stuff that was such a part of who we were and who we are <3. I am SO jealous you saw Angels and Airwaves ha ha. I found out I'll have to miss the Carolina Rebellion show for work so if you go let me know how it is! Thanks for your comment!!


  3. Nostalgia! I’ll always love these songs/bands, pop music is all well and good but it’ll never have the same meaning and emotion as alternative bands. I gotta add falling in reverse to this list though as an ultimate emo throwback 😝x


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