Top Taco Stops in Raleigh, NC.

These 5 places hands down have some of the best tacos in town!

I LOVE Mexican food. There are literally weeks where I eat it every single day in some form (#Iwillneverbesizezerobutmyfoodtastesgood), which is easy to do in Raleigh with so many places to choose from.  I still have a few places to visit on my taco tour  but for now here’s the top 5 places to get tacos in Raleigh.

Dos Taquitos Xoco – THIS is my FAVORITE Mexican spot in town. A few quick things to know on this one and then I promise the rest are shorter.

  1. Get the Original Steak Tacos do not stop at go, do not collect $200, go directly to
    the steak tacos.
  2. There are two locations in town. Call me crazy but I swear I can taste a difference. Go to the one on Glenwood South. FYI the’re both on Glenwood. That’s super confusing i know- so here’s the address: 410 Glenwood Ave, Raleigh, NC 27603
  3. This place is haunted– personally, I’m terrified of the concept but if ghosts make these tacos hauntingly good, I can’t complain * Yes, they are THAT good*
  4. A train will bring your salsa and chips and the place sparkles with an array of lights and Dia de los muertos  inspired decor

Mez Contemporary Mexican – This one is basically in Durham but worth the drive. I can’t figure out if it’s their fresh guacamole ( probably the best in town) that makes the tacos so good but in my opinion these are the only steak tacos that can rival Dos Taquitos

Gonza Tacos y Tequila – I always get outvoted on this one when it’s time to eat, which means there must be something I don’t see/taste. Everyone orders the Chicken Tinga tacos. Personally, I go for the margaritas.

Chuy’s – Unanimously, we all order Baja Tacos with fried shrimp. Their tortillas are
hand-made, fresh and so so soft. They pair perfectly with the fried crispiness and lime
sprinkled shrimp.

Salt & Lime Cabo Grill Bangkok Shrimp Tacos.  These are completely different from Chuy’s shrimp tacos and are completely delicious in their own right. Fried but not too heavily breaded the sweet Caribbean salsa married with the sriracha sauce = relationship

Where’s your favorite spot? Genuinely asking because I’ll totally go…

3 thoughts on “Top Taco Stops in Raleigh, NC.

    1. I love trying new places- if there’s anything you’ve had an eye on or are looking for let me know & I’ll taste test for you haha!


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