5 Podcasts to add to your morning routine

My office recently moved to the other end of Raleigh ( basically Cary) right after my husband and I purchased our first home – bummer right? Trying to find the silver lining as I sit in back-to-back traffic, I decided I would use my new nearly hour long commute to better educate myself and spark creativity before I officially start the work day by listening to podcasts.

With more than 250,000 different podcasts to chose from in 2015, and I can only imagine that number has increased now, I knew I would be in store for some vetting.  I won’t pretend I’ve even touched the tip of the iceberg when searching but using searches that best fit my needs I’ve been able to come up with 5 podcasts beyond Serial that anyone interested in lifestyle can add to their own morning routine, work out,  drive home, etc.

  1.  A few things with Claire and Erica – This one is my favorite but I had to get use to listening closely since these girls talk SUPER fast. I actually started laughing out loud to myself in the car because when they talk over one another it sounds like hitting fast forward on a cassette tape( showing my age here a little).  You’ll hear DIY tips, creative organization, dinner party tricks and more, all with the underlying theme of their favorite finds.
  2. Young House Love has a Podcast – This couple is adorable AND lives in one of my frequently visited cities Richmond, Va. ( stalker alert).  They cover home decor and design tips that will leave you inspired and connected with them.
  3. The Lively Show – Listening to host Jessica Lively has made me want to travel more in 2017. Although this isn’t the sole content of her blog her ideas for adventure inspired me to get moving.
  4. HGTV Podcast – I feel like this one has no explanation needed. Packed with ideas and inspiration for home decor, indoor and outdoor projects and organization tips, its everything we love about HGTV the channel but mobile.
  5. Summit RDU – Shameless church plug here ( I go to the Summit), but honestly, out of all the faith-based podcasts I ALWAYS come back to J.D. Greear. His sermons are sprinkled with real-life humor, relevant to life in 2017 and ultimately get to the core of what we need to hear when we didn’t even realize how badly we needed to hear it.

What podcasts are you listening to?

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