Scentbird Subscription Box Review

Smell Like A Hundred Dollar Bottle of Perfume for Less than $15

*Full disclosure: Scentbird sponsored this post, however all opinions and suggests are fully my own* 

I’ve tried TONS of subscription boxes and Scentbird is the only one I’ve tested so far where I felt you truly get the most bang for your buck.

To be fair their team is selecting from an array of 100 percent authentic luxury and designer perfumes, so it’s hard to be disappointed. You can either select the product you’ll  receive or use the quiz they’ve created to determine what type of scent attracts you and go with one of Scentbird’s recommendations.

To be completely transparent—I only wear Dolce and Gabbana Light Blue. It is my forever favorite and self-proclaimed signature scent. However, for those who aren’t in a serious relationship with a particular bottle or are looking to find their scented soul mate, this box is your best bet. scentbird

I would suggest this box for the fashion-savvy but frugal young professional who views life as an everyday runway—ps. if this is you we need to be friends.

Scentbird allows you to smell like a hundred dollar bottle of perfume but for less than $15. And by selecting a different bottle each month you can build up an arsenal of options for any season and occasion. For example your choice of spritz will likely differ if you’re heading to spring brunch or a late night of dancing.

Want to give it a try? Because I love you for reading by blog, use this link to try it for free and let me know what you think:

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