DIY Beauty Brush Organizer #PinterestWin

We’ve all seen the Pinterest fails. They crack me up because I can totally relate. That’s why I was pumped when my results actually looked like the pin if not better! I’m confident that if I can have  a Pinterest win, anyone can.

To pull off this DIY beauty brush organizer you’ll need the following:

  • Gold spray paint
  • Painter’s tape
  • Plastic wrap
  • Beauty brushes of any size and color
  • Plastic or glass holder
  • Clear beads

The idea is pretty self-explanatory but one area I found tricky was actually painting the brushes themselves.

Take your plastic wrap and drape it over the top of the brush. This will avoid any spray painters-tapecling-wrappaint splatter getting on the actually brush tips. Use painter’s tape at the bottom as close to the edge of the top of the brush to hold the plastic wrap in place and give a clean straight edge. Then, spray away!

To save you additional headaches I’ll also note that I had a HARD time finding the holder.  I FINALLY found the perfect plastic container at  the third Target I tried in their bathroom section. However, you may also have luck in the office and kitchen section depending on the shape and size that works best for you.

Extra Credit:coffee-bean

  • You can also use coffee beans in place of clear beads for a different look
  • Add a mason jar or flower vase to compliment your new look

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