2017, you look beautiful

Why you can leave the bottle when we talk 2016 and why it’s OK to get behind the hype of New Year’s Eve

Everyone needs a time where they can press the refresh button. I’ve often heard people say, “you don’t need to wait until New Year’s Day to be the person you want to be, start working towards your goals, etc.” –  and that’s true. However, I think for some people having that starting line is the motivation that they need. I’m one of those people. I like to restart the clock, make resolutions that I can actually stick with and celebrate, in some way shape or form, with glitter and champagne.

I personally love the holiday— to me it’s a fresh start covered in confetti.

To: 2016 – Bye Felica

I’m someone who needs to look forward after the way 2016 came to a close.  I lost focus and how I need to turn to God as my defender instead of attempting to take measures into my own incapable hands. To keep it classy I’m not going to blast what happened to me online, but I will say that I found myself at cross roads. I knew either route I decided would have been acceptable to the world given the offense—even the “low road” which would be sharing what happened, choosing not to forgive, icing people out, etc. But because I’ve been forgiven, because I’ve been shown mercy and because I continue to receive grace, I’m charged to do the same no matter how I was wronged.  Maybe this is a footnote for my resolutions in 2017.

Hello 2017happy-new-year

I honestly like the idea of resolutions because it challenges us to refocus on what we want out of life and not just the year. I know the biggie is always dieting or hitting the gym more—it’s obvious when I can’t find a spare elliptical in January but that section’s a ghost town a couple months later.

But I challenge you to dig a little deeper than getting swimsuit-ready. One of my friends told me her resolution is to do everything in love this year so that the decisions she’s making are anchored from a positive place.  I shamefully shared that my resolutions are a lot less self-less than hers; like taking at least one road trip and finally seeing bands that by some miracle are still on tour.

I also don’t want to dismiss all the positives of 2016 just because the year ended poorly. There were amazing moments and learnings that I’ll carry with me into the new year and that I’m excited to share in future posts. Everything from wedding tips as a bride and bridesmaid ( how to throw the best bridal shower ever ),  home decor inspiration (coffee stations)and must-try spots in Raleigh like rooftops, bottle shops and much more!

Getting back into my blog is one of these resolutions in addition to the others mentioned. I can’t wait to see what the new year will bring.

Cheers! cheers



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