What to Wear With…

It happens to all of us, we find the cutest top, pants, skirt etc. but have no idea what to pair it with. Then there’s the challenge of wanting to try a new trend but it’s out of your comfort zone or typical so shy away or feel defeated.   

That’s why I created “what to wear with” which I hope will help spark your creativity and confidence to come up with an outfit you love!


I am SO happy that these are still in style. My personal favorite look is edgy-chic, and faux leather leggings give an outfit that vibe without even breaking a sweat. However, whenever I wear mine I continually hear things like, “I love these on you but I could never pull them off” or “I never know how to wear them without looking like I stepped out of Grease”.

My first tip is not to get too hung up on the “leather”.  They become less intimidating when you just view them as black pants or leggings. And just like any pair of pants or leggings, you have to find the ones that are right for you. Outlets like H&M, Forever 21 and even have cost-effective options you can test out guilt-free.

Once you find the right pair, you’ll likely have at least one top already in your closet that will pair perfectly. Check out a few everyday examples below!


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