DIY Coffee Station

Creating a DIY coffee station provides a fun and inexpensive way to present more of a café feel instead of a cluttered one for you and your guests. The best thing about a coffee station is that you don’t need a lot of space so it can be tailored to your kitchen’s footprint.

One of my favorite tricks is to use a tray as a way to tidy things up. There’s an immediate transformation from a clutter of coffee bags/cups, spoons, syrups etc. to an organized collection just by adding a simple tray and tricking the eye to see it as a whole. You can choose a pop of color or go super classy with a sleek silver or bronze tray from the flea market to give your station a vintage and polished look.coffee-station

Low on counter space— no need to worry! You can actually use these hanging racks (I got mine at target) to place mugs above your machine! Since I have an obsession with mugs I honestly don’t have enough room in my cabinets for all of them anyway [insert embarrassed face emoji].


No room at all? Still not a problem! Take a quick visit over to the local flea market or the next yard sale and search out a vintage drawer/table you can slide into an area of choice. You can use any additional drawers to store spoons, extra cups, etc. so you and your guests have easy access to the essentials. The extra touch is hanging a sign above your makeshift station to pull the look and feel together.


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