How to throw the best bridal shower ever

I may be bias but the bridal shower my bridesmaids and family threw me was honestly the best I’ve ever attended! I’ve been blessed with caring, creative and talented people in my life, which are the true ingredients to the party’s success, but here’s a few steps they took that made it all the more special.

  1. Include the bride’s favorite things:  I walked in to the room to hear my favorite songs playing in the background which completely set the mood. I was floored when I toured the space immediately spotting DIY succulents as party favors and cucumber water in one of the drink dispensers. Not only was I surrounded by my favorite people but they knew all of my favorite things. They even incorporated my Starbucks obsession by handing out gift cards to those who won bridal games.succulents
  2. Ask the bride what she wants: I love brunch. I didn’t pick the menu but I was definitely asked if I had a preference. The results were incredible: A mimosa bar, mini chicken and waffles and a spread of finger-friendly and fun foods. I was also asked if I had a color scheme in mind. I wanted a pink and gold wedding but since it fell in the Fall, I felt it was too spring-ish. I was thrilled to share the theme and see my besties bring it to life.  Even the cupcakes had pink frosting with gold glitter sprinkles!
  3. Don’t leave the games out even if you think they’re corny:  I’ve heard before that bridal games can be corny, but honestly they serve their purpose.  Play them in the beginning as a way to break the ice and loosen up any awkward tension since most people will be meeting one another for the first time. I recommend two back to back games since it gets people talking and keeps the conversation going.
  4. Have a designated gift-giver and note-taker:  I had a separate shower where I awkwardly had to get up and gather the gifts myself. I’m not a princess who can’t get up and get her own items, but it delayed the process, made things messy to the point where I wasn’t sure which ones I had opened already and wasn’t the best for photo opps. In addition no one at that shower took note of who gave what, so at the end of the day I couldn’t tailor my thank you letters.  At my bridal shower, my Matron of Honor took notes, my gorgeous friend snapped photos and one of my bridesmaids handed me gift by gift – her sister even threw out the wrapping paper keeping the space flawless. opening
  5. Take photos:  I am in LOVE with the photos my honorary bridesmaid took for me. She went above and beyond and brought her professional camera going room to room and capturing the curated decor. She was able to shoot all the memories I was making so I have them on camera for later. Since I  was busy mingling and enjoying the party,  having these photos to look back at means the world to me.
  6. Decor is never overrated: My photos are beautiful for two reasons. 1. The girl taking them incredibly talented behind the lens, and 2. The scene was like something straight outta Pinterest.  The Esty store, Gather and Grace ,created personalized signs that were framed and placed throughout my home. Even the food was labeled with precious chalk signs. In the spirit of go big or go home, I walked outside to the backyard to find GIANT balloon letters!

Overall, it was the bridal shower of my dreams and I can only hope to return the favor!

*The phenomenal photography used in this post can be credited to Gabbi Byrd. She is also the owner of Gather and Grace, my honorary bridesmaid and dear friend. 

5 thoughts on “How to throw the best bridal shower ever

  1. This is awesome advice! I especially loved #1.The little touches that made the shower unique to you were perfect! I’m at the age where there seems to be a wedding shower every weekend and I’m sure I’ll have to plan one or two soon!


  2. It looks so good! Your friends really did a great job with everything! I love that they incorporated so many of the things you loved! My baby sister got married last weekend and I’m in another wedding this weekend, so we are smack in in the thick of wedding season! I hope you enjoy this sweet time!


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