Raleigh Rooftops You Have to Hop

One of my favorite things about Raleigh are the rooftops! There’s nothing like having  a cold beer and enjoying the warmth from the sun during the day, or sipping cocktails over the twinkling night lights! Before it gets too cold, here are 10 Raleigh rooftops you have to visit– and what to order while you’re there! 

  1. Boylan Bridge Brewpub100 percent, my favorite view in town. The brews change since they make their  own so go with your gut on this one. 
  2. Gallo Pelon MezcaleriaKnown for their handcrafted drinks that will make you feel like your on vacay in Cabo. As crazy as it sounds, try the hot dog! 
  3. Taverna Agora Greek Kitchen & Bar – It’s hard to go wrong with whatever you order here  but don’t miss the Greek Moscow Mules! 
  4. Raleigh Times –  Some of the best bar food in town, I’ve never had a bad meal. This one is strictly, order what you want and stay for the view.
  5. Beer Garden – With an unimaginable amount of beers, there’s no way to make a drink recommendation here, but as far as food you can’t go wrong with the giant beer battered pretzels! 
  6. Lynnwood Grill  Wings and beer are the go-to here, but if you venture out on a Wednesday you’ll find half-price wine night. 
  7. Cantina 18 – Nachos, Nachos Nachos- go for the black bean and Avacado- and don’t skip out on ordering the fresh guac. Delicious margaritas, including their skinny girl. They have exceptional sangrias as well!
  8. Hibernian Pub – I’ve never been a fan of  Irish fare but as far as beers go, try the Strongbow cinder! 
  9. Mash & Lauter – This use to be my go to stop when it was formally known as “The Hive at Busy Bee”.  Pick a cocktail but skip the meal here. 
  10. Solas Nightclub – If you find your self dancing on the rooftop here, it doesn’t matter what your ordering to drink, you won’t remember it tomorrow..

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