Raleigh Rooftops

 Because why drink on the ground when the stars can be your ceiling? 

One of my favorite things about Raleigh is the rooftop bars/restaurants! There’s nothing like having a swanky drink under the stars or a cold beer in the sunshine. Below are 10 tested and approved places to take you straight to the top.

  1. Taverna Agora Greek Kitchen & Bar Moscow mules are great but Greek Mules do it better here thanks to the baklava sauce in each sip.
  2. Raleigh Times –  One of the few places to carry my beloved Weeping Willow Wit beer that I partner with tasty nachos and cheese fries. Carbs are welcome here.
  3. Beer Garden on Glenwood South- An unimaginable amount of beers accompanied by a giant beer battered pretzel will do the trick.
  4. Lynnwood Grill  – Wings and beer go together like peanut butter and jelly.  Half-priced wine on Wednesday is a great way to break up a long week.
  5. Cantina 18Overlook the shopping center and hints of downtown while enjoying fresh guacamole and skinny margaritas.
  6. Hibernian Pub I’ve never been a fan of  Irish fare but as far as beers go, try the Strongbow cider.
  7. Solas Nightclub If you find yourself dancing on the rooftop here, it doesn’t matter what your ordering to drink, you won’t remember it tomorrow.
  8. Boylan Bridge Brewpub – Although it’s not EXACTLY a roof, their patio overlooks the city in a way you’ll feel as if you’re on one. It’s by far my favorite view and where my hubby proposed!
  9. Gallo Pelon Mezcaleria – Known for their handcrafted drinks that will make you feel like you’re on vacay in Cabo. Check out the hot dog and jalapeno infused cocktails because calories don’t count on vacation.
  10. Although I haven’t personally tested, I’ve been told that the Cardinal Club offers the view as the main course followed by delicious hot dogs and beer. Hopefully, I’ll be back with my own review shortly :).


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