Recommended Reading 

I’ll be honest ( especially since this is the “faith” portion of my blog), reading isn’t something I like to do as a leisure activity. I think my Type A mentality starts thinking of all the things I could be up doing instead of sitting down with a book. However, as a Christian there’s one book I need to be reading – The Bible- and others that help give me better clarity on what these verses mean and how I can apply them.

I’ve test drove a few books, some not even making it past the first couple chapters. The ones below I would either read again or actually have.

Christian Books You Should Read- at least once

Calm My Anxious Heart: A Woman’s Guide to Finding Contentment – by Linda Dillow calm-my-heart

I’m leading with this one because it is my absolute favorite. Worrying and complaining are two things I battle with everyday, multiple times a day. As soon as I read the first chapter my thought process completely changed and it was like I could see clearly. Not only does Linda provide valid and rational points but she backs them up with scripture. She hits on many worries common to women from marriage, singleness, parenting, career and friendships.

Stop Asking Jesus Into Your Heart – by JD Greear stop-asking

I can’t help but have a soft spot for this book for a couple of reasons. The first being that it is something so very common with many who grow up in the church or have prayed the sinners prayer over and over because they worry they weren’t sincere enough the first time. Or many  they’ve struggled with certain sins/ don’t feel close to God and wonder if they really were ever saved in the first place because of this. The second is because it is one of the few books my very own pastor wrote! If you’d like to hear his sermons weekly, you can visit the podcast for Summit RDU!

Let God Talk To You- by Becky Tirabassilet-god-talk-to-you

I purchased this book when I was going through a really hard time in my life. I felt so lost and desperate to hear ANYTHING that would make things better. I came across the book and realized, I didn’t want to hear anything from just anyone, I wanted to hear God. After reading I felt refreshed and encouraged.

Daniel: Lives of Integrity, Words of Prophecy -by Beth Mooredaniel

This book is more interactive than the others since it requires work alongside reading.  I studied Daniel through Beth Moore’s workbook through a bible study that would show her video for the first part of each chapter. These are all available for purchase online and are helpful to dive deeper into the study but aren’t required. The points Beth is able to pull and actually prove by connecting history and geography are impression and faith-affirming. I recommend going all in ( getting the videos or audio as part of the workbook) if you’re interested  so you can get the full effect.


Satisfy My Thirsty Soul – by Linda Dillow

This is the first book I read by Linda. As Christians we desire to know God better but sometimes, we don’t know how. This book encouraged me to move from concept to practice and establish a lifestyle of worship. It addresses stress, sadness and forgiveness. Because it was so good, I went back to find another book by Linda, which led me to Calm My Anxious Heart.

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