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Getting My Hands Dirty

Bloggers from all areas of Raleigh filled into a cozy backroom at Ramble Supply Co.to learn first-hand from author and founder of the Zen Succulent, Megan George. The class showcased from start to finish, how to build a terrarium and keep it thriving.  True to her passion for plants, Megan shared tips and tricks on how to build but also care for your creation.

The event was provided by the TriFAbb blogger group, made up of talented and eclectic members across the board. Each member kicked-off the event by sharing their reason for attendance. These goals included everything from, “keeping a plant alive” to “creating unique center pieces for a wedding”. My personal objective was to create something fresh and unique for a home or office.

Mission accomplished with this beauty!


If you’ d like to build your own, check out  my previous post how to build your own terrarium at home which inlcude tips and tricks from Megan herself. Or, if you’re feeling a little jelly we got to get messy with Megan, book your class and with her here!

First, everything was laid out in an easy to access and inviting display. An assortment of stones, sticks and other items were available for guests to use to customize their own look and style. As we continued to survey everything at our fingertips, we all found a gifted copy of Megan’s book, Modern Terrarium for us to take home in addition to our plants.


Next,we began layering to build a steady foundation and got a little dirty.


Before trusting us with the plants Megan shared some helpful tips to keep our new friends healthy:

– Only use about half a cup of water a week

– Don’t over water, but if you do, the rocks should help filter

– Keep them in the sunlight- florescent light works too!

Finally, we were allowed to take our masterpieces home.


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