DIY Terrarium Tutorial

DIY Terrarium

It’s going up on a Tuesday! If you ask my friends, I will find a reason to do almost anything and blame it on a day of the week, season, etc. So in honor of “Terrarium Tuesday”, we are making our own living decor that reflects each of our personalities and homes.


First thing is to get an idea of what you want your terrarium to look like. Believe it or not, there are endless options. Do you want to do one giant bowl with a plethora of perennials or would you prefer an assorted mixture of shapes and sizes?

Containers (1).png

After you select your bowl you’ll have a better idea of how much material you need and what you can fit. So what goes into a terrarium? Other than plants (we’ll touch on those in a minute), you need two types of arrangements: 1) Ingredients you need to keep the plants healthy and in place and 2) decorative items that express your own personality and style.

It is very important to do the first group of ingredients in the correct order to avoid some of the mess that comes with the terrarium territory. Luckily we broke out the brooms and vacuums before my boyfriend got home!

The Essentials

  • Sand – adds an extra layer and look to your piece, you can also use colored for a fun look (optional)
  • Sphagnum Moss— this is your second line of defense for excess water that collects inside the container. Please this particular moss under the soil so that your dirt doesn’t run through cracks and the layer looks messy and distorted like mine did before I figured this out (optional but highly suggested)
  • Activated Charcoal – add this into the soil or make it as a layer all its own, however it is mandatory despite its mess because it pulls the excess moisture and odors from the container.
  • Soil— you will need the most of this to keep plants healthy and nourished (mandatory)
  • Plants – Do I need to explain why?

Time for the creative stuff

  • Large and/or small stones can be used as an additional layer or placed around the plant as you prefer
  • Colored Sand
  • Coffee beans
  • Sea Shells
  • Twigs/sticks/colored moss
  • Statues/ figures that reflect your style and personality

twigs, shells and etc.jpg

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